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Re: next problem...

> > OpenDX, plotmtv and some others. Any ideas where to go to?
> > Re-compiling with gcc-3.0 or disabling IEEE floats from kernel?
> Can you make a list of binaries with FPEs?  I can recompile them
> (recompilation with -mieee is usually the way to fix this).

  That would be difficult at least in the case of dx since it contains
numerous binaries (and libs) and I have no idea which gets the FPE.
But if you are willing to compile the whole package... I could give it
a try before you spend your time on it, if you wish to be certain
-mieee helps.

>>   2) aptitude segfaults - anyone got any experience with that? Both
> I was afraid of this.  I'll have to recompile it with gcc-3.0.  Even then,
> I'm not sure it's going to compile.  I'll try it.

  What's wrong with it then? Alpha kernel too anxiously checking for
segmentation violations?

> Not sure about this one since I don't run X very often (and never run
> {x,w,g}dm.

  Hope someone does... I really would not like to spend my time
digging through the source.
  Thanks for help - once again.

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