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Re: next problem...

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, [ISO-8859-1] Juha Jäykkä wrote:

>   That would be difficult at least in the case of dx since it contains
> numerous binaries (and libs) and I have no idea which gets the FPE.
> But if you are willing to compile the whole package... I could give it
> a try before you spend your time on it, if you wish to be certain
> -mieee helps.

I meant to say "packages" but wrote "binaries" instead :-P  Teaches me to
write email before I wake up fully.

>   What's wrong with it then? Alpha kernel too anxiously checking for
> segmentation violations?

No, it's a bit more complex than that.  C++ code that uses multiple
inheritence sometimes fails when compiled under 2.95.4 because there's no
handle to hang destructors from (so they can't be called on
exit...instead, the GP gets the value of main()'s exit function and calls
that).  Mozilla and KDE packages are also problematic for the same

>   Hope someone does... I really would not like to spend my time
> digging through the source.
>   Thanks for help - once again.

It's all the compiler, not the source (usually).


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