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Re: next problem...

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, [ISO-8859-1] Juha Jäykkä wrote:

>   This time my problem is with wdm: having (as by everyone's
> suggestion) dist-upgraded to woody, I have resolved most of my
> problems with XFree+G450 etc but a few remain:
>   1) Numerous floating point exceptions by various programs, including
> OpenDX, plotmtv and some others. Any ideas where to go to?
> Re-compiling with gcc-3.0 or disabling IEEE floats from kernel?

Can you make a list of binaries with FPEs?  I can recompile them
(recompilation with -mieee is usually the way to fix this).

>   2) aptitude segfaults - anyone got any experience with that? Both
> binary .deb and compiled from source segfault always and immediately
> upon invocation. I had a quick strace with aptitude, but it did not
> reveal a thing. Aptitude has just output some ncurses-looking stuff,
> breaks three times and gets a sigsegv.

I was afraid of this.  I'll have to recompile it with gcc-3.0.  Even then,
I'm not sure it's going to compile.  I'll try it.

>   3) wdm dislikes non-ascii (I assume) characters both in passwords and
> in usernames. This is not really a show stopper since xdm and gdm both
> accept them but wdm is the only one of these three that let you choose
> your window manager out of the box: I know I can tweak gdm's list of
> "sessions" and I can install a  wm-chooser but I'd rather keep it
> simple and have only one program mingle with it. Again, both the
> compiled from sources version and the binary package exhibit the same
> problem. Note that X and VT's do accept those charactersOC even though
> wdm does not so the problem must lie in wdm or wdmLogin.

Not sure about this one since I don't run X very often (and never run

>   Oh, by the way, is xserver-xfree86 4.0.3's mga.o somehow broken? It
> freezes up both my keyboard and blanks my display (doesn't blank,
> actually: the display just says its input is out of sync range) while
> 4.1.0's mga.o works like a dream with the same configuration file.
> This goes on on the same machine which has one graphics card: G450
> DualHead with 16 meg's of ram. This is just a curiosa - I grabbed
> xserver-xfree86 4.1.0 from sid.

There were some big changes for Alpha that got included in 4.1.0 that
weren't in 4.0.3.  I used 4.0.3 on a UP2k with a Millenium I for awhile
with no problems, but I never tried it with a G4x0.


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