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next problem...

  This time my problem is with wdm: having (as by everyone's
suggestion) dist-upgraded to woody, I have resolved most of my
problems with XFree+G450 etc but a few remain:
  1) Numerous floating point exceptions by various programs, including
OpenDX, plotmtv and some others. Any ideas where to go to?
Re-compiling with gcc-3.0 or disabling IEEE floats from kernel?
  2) aptitude segfaults - anyone got any experience with that? Both
binary .deb and compiled from source segfault always and immediately
upon invocation. I had a quick strace with aptitude, but it did not
reveal a thing. Aptitude has just output some ncurses-looking stuff,
breaks three times and gets a sigsegv.
  3) wdm dislikes non-ascii (I assume) characters both in passwords and
in usernames. This is not really a show stopper since xdm and gdm both
accept them but wdm is the only one of these three that let you choose
your window manager out of the box: I know I can tweak gdm's list of
"sessions" and I can install a  wm-chooser but I'd rather keep it
simple and have only one program mingle with it. Again, both the
compiled from sources version and the binary package exhibit the same
problem. Note that X and VT's do accept those charactersOC even though
wdm does not so the problem must lie in wdm or wdmLogin.
  This all happens on a dual 21264A UP2000+.
  Oh, by the way, is xserver-xfree86 4.0.3's mga.o somehow broken? It
freezes up both my keyboard and blanks my display (doesn't blank,
actually: the display just says its input is out of sync range) while
4.1.0's mga.o works like a dream with the same configuration file.
This goes on on the same machine which has one graphics card: G450
DualHead with 16 meg's of ram. This is just a curiosa - I grabbed
xserver-xfree86 4.1.0 from sid.

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