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UP2000 plus SRM update


I have problem of updating srm on my UP2000plus based machine.
The current version of SRM is A5.8-65.

What I did and what's happend was following. I prepared a MS-DOS
formatted floppy disk with up2000fw.txt and up20srm.rom stored.
In SRM console, I invoked `lfu`. In response to lfu requst to type-in
device name, I inserted the floppy and then typed "dva0". After that,
I typed the "up2000fw.txt" when filename is asked. Then it looks like
lfu started reading floppy. But lfu never came back. It stop with floppy
disk drive access LED on.

# It might be that floppy disk reliability is not enough. (I tried 3 disks.)

Please let me know how I can update SRM.

Thanks in advance.

Toshinao Ishii        email: ici@qua.crl.melco.co.jp
Sensor Tech. Dept., Advanced Tech. R&D Center
MITSUBISHI Electric Corp.

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