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Re: DBD for Postgres for Alpha (Sid) recompiled

> > > Since I don't have any alpha to do that myself, i'll ask it on
> > > debian-alpha (cced, and i let many context for those readers). Please can
> > > someone with root access on a alpha machine upload binary-only recompile
> > > of libdbd-pg-perl with the latest libs on sid (postgresql-dev in
> > > particular) ?
> >
> > Argh...just realised that it's a non-US package, so I can't handle
> > it.  Sorry...
> Yup, only because of postgresql beeing in non-US.

Ugh... Why on Earth is Postgres non-US?! I have seen Postgres shipped on
different US-based distributions!

> Where are non-US alpha package usually built ? Who manages that ?
> I'd like to compile it myself on faure.debian.org or lully.debian.org
> unfortunately I can't since they both run potato and they probably
> don't have an unstable chroot with the required package for me.

The mantainer for my SSH package is Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>. I
don't know if he is the mantainer for all the SSH packages (am still not
that familiar with Debian's organization)...


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