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Re: DBD for Postgres for Alpha (Sid) recompiled

Le Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 10:10:02AM -0500, Gunnar Wolf écrivait:
> > Yup, only because of postgresql beeing in non-US.
> Ugh... Why on Earth is Postgres non-US?! I have seen Postgres shipped on
> different US-based distributions!

Because it does link with libssl which is in non-US and because it's 
not just an addon of postgresql that does link with it but the main
postgresql binary.

Maybe the US based distribution you're referring too don't have SSL
support enabled ? Or maybe are they violating laws ? Anyway, it's not the
subject here ...

> The mantainer for my SSH package is Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org>. I
> don't know if he is the mantainer for all the SSH packages (am still not
> that familiar with Debian's organization)...

A maintainer is maintainer of the "source" package, he usually also
compiles the package on its main architecture (i386 most of the time), and
then there's autobuilder who are in charge of building the packages
for the various architectures. And the maintainer doesn't have
any control on those autobuilder. And a manual recompile needs help
from a "porter" (ie a maintainer who has got a machine running on the
desired architecture).

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