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Re: Alpha milo bootdisks, can we use SuSes?

> > I don't see the point in this. It would blow up the build time
> > tremendously, by several hours, and we would end up with exactly the
> > same images that we could download. Should we need to do special
> > tweaks for Debian, we can still grab the source; it's GPL after all.

would someone please grab the source and put it in the build tree
somewhere?  i don't want to see the situation crop up again where only a
couple of people in a couple of places have the ability to build milo, and
where it is only buildable on a couple of kernel versions... [as happened
a couple of years ago when jay was one of the few people able to build it]
..... dumping it into a buildd every so often would at least mean that
someone was aware that it wasn't working at all!  :(

saying "oh lets just use SuSE's images" is lame, LAZY, and really not very
smart.  use their patches, but import the source too.


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