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Re: Compaq C and C++ compilers

bad bob wrote:

"T. Weyergraf" wrote:


To follow up my own message, I did find the posting in the archives,
from T. Weyergraf about how to install them!! I am attempting to
get the c compiler installed using RPM now.  Got some of the support
stuff installed, working thru it.

let me know, if they still work with the current stuff. If not, I'll do an update on the docs,
in a couple of days...

Thanks! I am currently making sure all the normal lib stuff is in
the system told me there are some symlinks not present and a font is
in the X11R6 area...working that....
thanks again!

This should only be necessary for potato; for woody/sid there are installer packages which will do all of the Weyergraf magic for you. (Unfortunately, they depend on woody's debconf, so you can't use those packages with potato.) To use it, you just need to get the RPMs and tell debconf where you put them.

Still working on cfal and cfalrtl, they should get in by the woody freeze...


-Adam P.

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