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I've heard rumours of the existance of boot-floppies for all these
architectures, but I haven't seen any actual evidence, yet...

So, could someone please get alpha, ia64, hppa, mips and/or mipsel
boot-floppies into some semblance of functionality, and upload them
to unstable?

Ideally, someone could also actually use these disks to install a machine
of that architecture and post a report to -testing.

From what I understand, this *should* be fairly straightforward for
everyone. If it's not, let me know. Architectures that don't have
a recentish set of boot-floppies uploaded by the time the next phase
starts won't be releasing. They don't have to be complete, they don't even
have to work all that well. They do have to *exist* though.


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