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Re: RE: Re: State of Woody?

I've tried FreeBSD on my Alpha. It also has these lockups. 
It's mostly XFree86 (both v4 and v3) that freezes, but I've 
had freezes in FreeBSD (4.3RELEASE and 5.0CURRENT from 
200103-something) even without running X, and that has NOT 
yet happened on Linux 2.2.19 (it has on 2.4.x though)...

The biggest problem with FreeBSD/Alpha though is that the 
ports-collection is still very x86-ish. About 30% of the 
ports fails to compile on Alpha... I've reported a LOT of 
compilefailures, but since 99% of the FreeBSDers seems to 
be running x86, most ports mainainers either don't care or 
don't know how to fix it.

Then, I have also managed to make Tru64 5.1 crash by 
running graphicsintensive (like avifile/mplayer)-apps from 
a remote x86 Linuxbox and by running buggy Open3D apps...

Per Wigren

Don't get me wrong, I love debian, but I absolutely hate in 
on my Alpha
For that matter I hate any linux on my alpha, the all lock 
up for some
odd reason but I can run BSD on them with out a problem, 
it's a sx164 I
loaded it with redhat 5.2 like 4 or 5 years ago and that 
was the only
one that actually ran stable on my machine!!!  If you're 
havin that much
trouble give BSD a try and load bash up as the shell and it 
will make it
seem like you are using a Linux machine thanks to ports, No 

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