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Re: Re: State of Woody?

> > I tried it on my PWS about 6 months ago but it was 
> > unstable then!
> How so?

Lots of random lockups... Most of the time it was X that 
locked up, but sometimes it just stopped responding 
completly. Sometimes the keyboard died even *before* I 
started X. Sometimes the network just stopped working and 
even if I did "ifconfig eth0 down" and lsmod showed that 
zero "things" were using de4x5 (or whatever the name of the 
modules is - can't remember), "rmmod de4x5" said "device 

> Just out of curiosity, why is having KDE so all-important 
to people?  I
> mean, I've seen more people want to change distributions 
just to get KDE,
> which I just don't understand.  I'm just curious...seems 
a bit odd to me.

Because KDE is simply wonderful! I've been a GNOME biggot 
and a WindowMaker biggot and a XFWM biggot, but after the 
2.0 series got stable (2.1.2) I am in love with it! I'm 
running the 2.2beta right now and it's simply amazingly 
good AND stable!

> So X was the stumbling block for woody when you tried 
it?  What WM and apps froze most often?  Also, were these 
freezes locking up the computer totally, or just locking up 

Most of the time it just locked up X, but when i sshed to 
it and killed X, the screen were still there although ps -
ef showed no signs of X-processes and it was impossible to 
start X again...

> > Is it worth spending a night reinstalling my Alpha?
> It's up to you.  I haven't really played much with SuSE, 
but it seems like a good distribution.  If it's stable 
doing what you do with your Alpha, then I wouldn't 
recommend changing it too much (especially if you have to 
do real work on your machine, like I do...reinstallation is 
NOT an option for me because too many things may change).  
If, however, it's a fun box, then do what you 
like...install Debian, leave SuSE on, whatever...it's your 
preference :-)

It's something in between a funbox and a workbox... It's my 
home workstation and I depend on it to read my mail (when 
I'm not at work like now), surf, play my ogg/mp3-music and 
so on... Nothing really serious, but I still want it to be 

> One question back to you: if you saw all of these 
problems, did you file bug reports?  It is *REALLY* 
difficult to fix things if we don't know that they are 
broken. User feedback is critical.

Yes, I did, when I could reproduce it...

> ReiserFS is much better in 2.4.x on Alpha.  I've got an 
i386 at home with a ReiserFS volume and have been toying 
with doing the same on Alpha.  It seems that some of the 
patches that went in to 2.4.x haven't made it to the 2.2.x 
kernels (and may never make it since 2.2.20 may be the end 
of the 2.2 line).  As for LVM, can you detail the 
experiences with it?  I may be able to debug it if I can 
reproduce the problems.   I've never tried it, personally, 
but was intending on doing so.

I tested LVM on 2.4.5, 2.4.6pre9 and 2.4.5ac22. All of them 
both with and without the latest CVS-snapshot of the LVM-
I use two disks, one 48GB and one 30GB. They used to sit in 
my PC. It has 2x30GB striped, one 8GB and one 10GB LV. The 
2x30GB LV is a ReiserFS volume.
I decided that I wanted the disks in my Alpha instead so I 
removed them from my PC and put them in my Alpha.
vgscan find the disks, but when I do "vgchange -a y", it 
segfaults. On plain 2.4.5+CVS-snapshot, vgchange even 
crashes the whole kernel and I get thrown out to a SRM-
debugger or something like that...
After the failed vgchange, I can run vgdisplay and it shows 
the right numbers. But if I try to access the LVs I 
get "not a valid block device"...
Yes, I also tried to recompile the lvm-tools but the same 
thing happened.

Using LVM for 2.2.19 it works just fine. 
I can use the LVs just like on the PC. But it seems 
impossible to make ReiserFS work on 2.2.19/Alpha so I STILL 
can't access the 2x30GB LV... :(

Per Wigren

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