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Re: AS2100

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> You shouldn't have to upgrade, the FLASH should hold both. Though the
> SRM that's "in there" may be quite old, so an update may be in order...

	So where are the latest firmware upgrades? When Dumpaq bought DEC,
everything was thrown about between machines in the digital, DEC and
compaq domains. Incidentally, following the pertinent links from the
compaq.com website leads to a digital website that has the "*NEW*" est
firmware from 1998, while a cursory search on ftp.compaq.com has a newer
one from 1999. 

	I have an LX164, currently booting through Alphabios and MILO.
I've moved to the 2.4 kernels and milo doesn't compile cleanly against the
kernel. Furthermore, it doesn't look like milo is still maintained, so I'd
like to switch over to SRM. Does it support a Symbios-based SCSI card?

BTW, has anyone gotten reiserfs to be supported with aboot?


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