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Re: latest pre-packaged kernel?

On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Per Wigren wrote:

> Remember to use XFree86 v3.3.6 and Kernel 2.2.19! 4.0.x and 
> 2.4.x are very unstable on alpha. I haven't tested XF 4.1.x 
> yet though...

I disagree.  I've been running 2.4 kernels exclusively for months now on
all of my Alphas.  Aside from the SMP patch that I need to submit to the
kernel folks, and a few other very minor things, I haven't had any
big problems with 2.4 at all.  In fact, 2.2.17-19 may have a scheduler
"buglet" on SMP systems that I've been looking into in the past few
weeks.  It only would really affect EV67's and above, but so far, it's
been hard to figure out just how performance is impacted.  The buglet may
actually be helping performance, believe it or not :-P  I've also found a
few other issues with 2.2.x kernels, but they're more driver-related
than anything else.

XFree86 4.0.x is also MUCH better on my alphas than prior
versions.  Granted, S3ViRGE support sucks (it does on all archs,
actually), but the V3, Millenium I, and Permedia2 are all running quite
well with the newer XFree versions.  I'm still working on getting 4.1.0's
tdfx driver with DRI to not sack out my machine, but that may be a problem
with my libglide3-alpha package (which I maintain).


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