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Re: Recommendations?

Thaks to Iain et al for the help!

Went up to the attic at 6:20 (18:20).  Rebooted my alphaPC164.
Removed jumpstart CD (compaq debian 2.2 easy build).
Put in the iso image for alpha, using 2.2 potatoe.
Booted from CD.
Made floppy.
set up the drive.
less than 30 minutes later, I booted from the hard drive.
less than 45 minutes later, the packages are being installed.
I am impressed with the ease of install.

I am not impressed with the jumpstart (JS) offering from Q.
Helluva diff from approx 25 hours over a 5 week period of attempting
to get the jumpstart to start.  I installed using the JS cd approx
15 times.  I attempted to kludge things to get the puppy to boot.
No luck.

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