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about milo boot parms

Hi again!, i'm walking through agonic odyssey trying to install debian on
digital alpha xl 266 :) , after many many hours I can boot from rescue.bin
and root.bin (milo don't decompress root.bin!!) and I need to get
root.tar.gz and decompress into one partition.

Afet all, i boot whit the line:

boot sda1:linux.gz root=/dev/sda1 load_ramdisk=1

but when the system loads root, the system chash says me that he can open a
an inital console (don't found init) system says that i put the parm init=
into the kernel parms, but i do it and it also don't run.

Note: init is into /sbin

I try with:

boot sda1:linux.gz root=/dev/sda1 load_ramdisk=1 init=sda1:/sbin/init

thanks in advance...

Ferran Fàbregas

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