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Re: Regarding Alpha XLT boot

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Jakob Sandgren wrote:

> I read your very informative message ("Re: Alpha xl266) on the
> debian-alpha mailinglist (archive). We have an Alpha XL 300 and have
> been using the "xlt" milo image to boot a 2.2 kernel. 
> However, we have had no success with booting a 2.4 kernel. According
> documentation of milo and the linux kernel, the kernel start address
> has been moved and this could be fixed by;
> a) Using a later milo version (2.2.17 should work)
> b) Enabling an option in the kernel that change the start address to
>    the old position.

	I have not tried to boot a 2.4 kernel on my XLT machine yet, so I
can't really give any advice on how to do it. I plan to do so someday, but
both my XLTs (I have two XL366s) are currently rather important servers
(one database, one web), so I will probably wait until 2.4 is more stable,
especially on Alphas before I try.
	As for newer milos, I have tried them a few times with 2.2 kernels
and never had any luck. They always seemed to get confused at one point or
another. Hence I have always stuck with the milos included with the stable
Debian release.

> We have had no success with either of these options. The pre-built
> milo images does not work (for us). Do you have any idea?

	Sorry. Hopefully some one else on the list can help you
further. TTYL.

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