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Re: netscape?

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

> The problem is g++, believe it or not.  I tracked down the problem ages
> ago and realised that the multiple inheritence C++ code isn't compiled
> correctly by g++.  I've been testing g++-3.0 with mozilla on and off,
> but I don't think that mozilla is ready to comply with the changes in
> the new gcc (dies with missing symbol problems when linking). 

	Oh, I believe it. Red-Hat compiles of mozilla run fine though.
After installing, run once as root, and it will run for user accounts.

	I've also been trying to compile mozilla with g++-3.0 and -O3 and
5 DAYS later it is still compiling. Numerous problems exist, like mangled
function names are different (fixed that by editing the genstubs.pl) and
problems linking with the accessibility functions (fixed that by just
making them return an error). 

> BTW, on exit, is mozilla segfaulting?  This is usually a symptom of the
> above
> (destructors aren't being called in most cases, so each execution will cause
> a memory leak).

	On installing the deb package, registering components gives a
segfault on my box. It's been doing that for months, and I strongly
believe it's the compiler's fault.

> If I get a working mozilla, I'm going to try to fix the build-deps and such
> for
> alpha so that the autobuilders can build it again and we can have an updated
> (and working) browser :-)

	Lots of luck...


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