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Re: netscape?

> I did that, and got it running in "root", but it wouldn't setup in a
> account.  The problem line was " /usr/bin/regxpcom >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
> The "dpkg --configure....." step will consistantly stop with "Illegal
> Operation, line 19: /var/lib/dpkg/info/mozilla-browser.postinst".  (I am
> paraphrasing the error message a bit).  Strangely, if you run this
> or even the entire script from a BASH command line, it will execute just
> fine!  There may be some permission problems at work here....dunno.
> I got the install to work using a "sledge-hammer" approach....maybe I will
> back and try a little finesse....<g>.

The problem is g++, believe it or not.  I tracked down the problem ages ago
and realised that the multiple inheritence C++ code isn't compiled correctly
by g++.  I've been testing g++-3.0 with mozilla on and off, but I don't
that mozilla is ready to comply with the changes in the new gcc (dies with
missing symbol problems when linking).

BTW, on exit, is mozilla segfaulting?  This is usually a symptom of the
(destructors aren't being called in most cases, so each execution will cause
a memory leak).

If I get a working mozilla, I'm going to try to fix the build-deps and such
alpha so that the autobuilders can build it again and we can have an updated
(and working) browser :-)


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