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Re: "geekability" of IA64 (was: Alpha dead ..... etc.)

"T. Weyergraf" wrote:
> > [... also lots of stuff deleted...]
> The sad thing is, that I am still *very* pleased with my Alphas ( there are
> 10 sitting in my room ) [...]
> But one thing is sure: I'll miss the Alpha architecture.....

So make sure to give your systems to the right hands before
you start to miss *them*, not only the architecture behind
(not beeing an Debian-Alpha developer, just speaking for the
community --- well I even don't know what the best places
would be, how about some xBSD port besides Debian?).

Still seeking for the "geekability factor", though. When will
US$2000 ia64 systems arrive (compared to SX164 from '97)?
When will "for pickup" ia64 systems arrive on EBay (compared
to early 21064 systems)? Aren't geeks often students or even
pupils? Oh well ...

Stefan Schroepfer

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