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Re: "geekability" of IA64 (was: Alpha dead ..... etc.)


On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Stefan Schroepfer wrote:

> "T. Weyergraf" wrote:
> > 
> > > [... also lots of stuff deleted...]
> > 
> > The sad thing is, that I am still *very* pleased with my Alphas ( there are
> > 10 sitting in my room ) [...]
> > 
> > But one thing is sure: I'll miss the Alpha architecture.....

If you have 10 Alphas, why don't you keep your 1 or 2 most favorite
machines and give away the other 8? You may feel sorry later when
getting rid of all of them. If changes like that happen more often, you
may end up with a computer zoo, but this not too bad at all. At least as
long as you stay stuck to Debian. ;-)

> So make sure to give your systems to the right hands before
> you start to miss *them*, not only the architecture behind

Exactly ...




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