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Re: Anyone willing to autobuild for non-us

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Sam Hartman wrote:

> Hi.  I have noticed that no one seems to be autobuilding Alpha for
> non-us.  This makes it rather hard to get packages into testing.  I am
> waiting on the new version of krb5 to build for alpha, but the problem
> is more general.
> I don't have root on an alpha so I can't build my own packages.  I do
> know that some people are building their packages for alpha, but
> overall, at least for non-us, the port seems to be slipping significantly.

You don't need root on an Alpha to do package builds...you can use
the fakeroot package :-)

Also, last I checked, non-US is being autobuilt.  Perhaps some of the
packages just don't compile cleanly, so they aren't being built.


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