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w3m stable dselect-dependency problem

I installed w3m a while back, and everything was funky (great text-mode browser, by the way).
However, I dselected this morning, and found there was a newer stable version. It gave me 'dependency problems', something to do with libc, nothing more. So I OKed the dependencies, and it came back instantly with the 'you have dependency problems page'. Infinite loop. :-(
So I went in, purged w3m, quit, went in again and tried to install it again. Exactly the same thing, except that now I don't have even an old version to use :-(

Is it a w3m (w3m-ssl) specific problem, or is it dselect that's getting confused.

If you can tell me what other information would be useful I'll have access to the machine again much later today and can try other things out.


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