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Re: OT: What a find!

Why ?  I wiped out my DEC-Unix installation in favor of Debian/Alpha.  I then 
purchased Compaq FORTRAN and I have everything I need.  It is much easier to 
maintain and is consistent with my other Debian/Intel machines.  

Unless you like the CDE GUI that comes with it...

On Monday 04 June 2001 09:02 am, Rob Byrnes wrote:
> Hi all,
> Fiddling with my new PWS500au, I thought that I was having a problem ... I
> wanted to see what version of SRM it had, so I set the OS type to Tru64 in
> AlphaBIOS and power-cycled.  I get the blue SRM screen with a flashing
> cursor in the top left corner, but thats as far as it gets.  Doesn't seem
> to want to accept any keyboard input either (tried set console graphics ...
> nothing, as well as set os_type nt ... same result).
> BUT ... I hooked up a serial cable and what comes up? An install of
> Tru64!  I think I'll have to figure a way of having two hard drives in this
> box, it would be a shame to wipe a copy of Tru64.
> Cheers, beers and elephants ears,
> Rob

James D. Freels, P.E._i, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
freelsjd@ornl.gov - work
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