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OT: What a find!

Hi all,

Fiddling with my new PWS500au, I thought that I was having a problem ... I wanted to see what version of SRM it had, so I set the OS type to Tru64 in AlphaBIOS and power-cycled. I get the blue SRM screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner, but thats as far as it gets. Doesn't seem to want to accept any keyboard input either (tried set console graphics ... nothing, as well as set os_type nt ... same result).

BUT ... I hooked up a serial cable and what comes up? An install of Tru64! I think I'll have to figure a way of having two hard drives in this box, it would be a shame to wipe a copy of Tru64.

Cheers, beers and elephants ears,

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