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Re: kernel 2.4.4 woes



> However, as in all other 2.4.x kernels in the past, my two Alphas have=20
> problems with 2.4.4.  This time, the kernel does compile, boot, and run t=
> he=20
> systems.  However two events made the system lock up:
> (remember the motiviation for this is to get reiserfs to work)


> Before I did either of these two operations, the system ran for an hour o=
> r=20
> two without incident.  We were not doing much, so it is hard to say if it=
>  is=20
> related to reiserfs or just an instability in the scsi driver or what.

I've been running several 2.4.x kernels under significant load without any major
problems. Currently, as of today, i'm using 2.4.4, so far without problems  It will go under
load tomorrow.
Without any detailed information, it's hard to give any advice. I have not yet tried
Reiser, so my first ( and non-educated ) guess would be, that it simply is not yet
stable on Alphas. Since FS-integritiy is a _very_ crucial aspect, i rather do not
play games with it ;-)

My config is SCSI only, running off several controllers, being Adaptec, Symbios-Logic
boards and an older NCR board, so i would assume, SCSI is not the problem.

If you could provide your .config and your hardware setup, it might be possible to locate
the problem.

> Still hoping for a stable 2.4.x kernel for the Alpha...

You should be able to get there ;-)

T. Weyergraf

Thomas Weyergraf                                                kirk@colinet.de
My Favorite IA64 Opcode-guess ( see arch/ia64/lib/memset.S )
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