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Re: Alpha XL266 Install Help

> "P.C." wrote:
> Hi All
>                  Just wondering if anyone could help with my XL266
> install.
> Have milo setup and working using the XL milo image . I can boot the
> kernel using
> boot scd0:linux root=/dev/scd0 load_ramdisk=1  The problem is the
> kernel
> hangs and says no init found after all the devices are detected. [...]

Well, you have several options:

One method is to create two floppies (you are alreeady in
milo and don't need a third one to load that first ;-).
A "boot" floppy (from rescue.bin) and a "root" floppy
(from root.bin). With these two floppies, you should be
able to boot into Linux from Milo using the command

boot fd0:/linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

The second method is to extract these floppy images to a
ext2 partition and to boot from there (I did not see any
ducumentation about this but in a own mail to this list),
see http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha-0011/msg00109.html

The third way is to try to insist to boot from CD from
within Milo, may be reading of
But I can't comment that, because I never investigated
this task further.

Good luck,
Stefan Schroepfer

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