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Upgrading PC164SX firmware

  Sorry to bother you all again but I'm stuck.  After turfing my
annoying video card and putting in some ISA card that was made back when
the used to build pyramids all was well.

But I'm trying to get SRM installed.  Currently the PC164SX has the
AlphaBIOS installed, SRM looks more useful to me. So I downloaded the
sx154_v5_6.exe firmware upgrade program from Digital's ftp site stuck it
on a floppy.

I tried first to go into AlphaBIOS and sleect update firmware from the
menu. The floppy drive ran for a while then nothing happened. It just
locked up.

OK, so next I flipped dipswitch 7 which got me a blue screen that looked
a bit like what i should be getting. But nistead of a >>> prompt I
got a mini menu.  I then selected update from this menu and once again
the floppy drive started.

It mentioned two words, I think they were fsb and fw.
fsb came back with something like update ok or some other 'good
fw said something like not found and then had some filename like

Then I got the menu back.  Rebooting the box got me AlphaBIOS again.

I'm going to go over and re-read the instructions again, not easy
considering the documents contradict themseleves.

Like this:
(referring to sx164_v5_6.exe)

"  Copy the downloaded file(s) to a blank FAT formatted floppy as :
   IMPORTANT: The filename must remain what you downloaded it as"

Brilliant! It must be sx164_v5_6.exe and fwupdate.exe at the same time.
I called it fwupdate.exe

  - Craig
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