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Re: Upgrading PC164SX firmware


	Much easier way....get the sx164srm.rom file from

	put that on a fat floppy, choose upgrade AlphaBIOS, power off,
	power on.


On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Craig Small wrote:

> G'day,
>   Sorry to bother you all again but I'm stuck.  After turfing my
> annoying video card and putting in some ISA card that was made back when
> the used to build pyramids all was well.
> But I'm trying to get SRM installed.  Currently the PC164SX has the
> AlphaBIOS installed, SRM looks more useful to me. So I downloaded the
> sx154_v5_6.exe firmware upgrade program from Digital's ftp site stuck it
> on a floppy.
> I tried first to go into AlphaBIOS and sleect update firmware from the
> menu. The floppy drive ran for a while then nothing happened. It just
> locked up.
> OK, so next I flipped dipswitch 7 which got me a blue screen that looked
> a bit like what i should be getting. But nistead of a >>> prompt I
> got a mini menu.  I then selected update from this menu and once again
> the floppy drive started.
> It mentioned two words, I think they were fsb and fw.
> fsb came back with something like update ok or some other 'good
> message'.
> fw said something like not found and then had some filename like
> nt_fw.???
> Then I got the menu back.  Rebooting the box got me AlphaBIOS again.
> I'm going to go over and re-read the instructions again, not easy
> considering the documents contradict themseleves.
> Like this:
> http://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/Alpha/firmware/readmes/alphapc164sx.html
> (referring to sx164_v5_6.exe)
> "  Copy the downloaded file(s) to a blank FAT formatted floppy as :
>    fwupdate.exe
>    IMPORTANT: The filename must remain what you downloaded it as"
> Brilliant! It must be sx164_v5_6.exe and fwupdate.exe at the same time.
> I called it fwupdate.exe
>   - Craig

Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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