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Re: gnome embedded panels

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001 19:47:27 +1000
Richard Heycock <rgh@pacific.net.au> wrote:

> Has anyone had any problems with programs that use embedded panels? When I
> run sawfish-ui, gnomecc or balsa (there are others) the embedded panel does
> not display properly, it does not seem to get the width correct. 

In unstable right now this has been fixed.  Speaking of library weirdness,
when is Gnome session going to work again?  It seems a great deal of X-based
libs fail to find IceTransListen in the X libs and crap out.  (Xterm craps out
because of Xaw missing a function too, but I'm more concerned/interested in
Gnome-session since Gnome-terminal works.)

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