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Re: help with 2.2r2 install

Hi Luiz

> Hi Jakub,
> I am a little bit confused about the differences between Debian
> install and AlphaLinux aboot install. According to AlphaLinux we have
> to use minlabel to partition the disk, and copy jensen17.img to the 1st
> partition using copyboot. But I have observed from Debian install
> that it will try to create the aboot by itself (option: copy aboot to
> partition ??? ). I may be misunderstanding it. Using kernel from
> jensen17.img (2.2.7), that is, Alphalinux kernel, I could install Debian
> then I realized that Debian kernel 2.2.18 does not work. I decided to
> it over and curiously I no longer can install Debian, even after
> the disk. That is, I no longer can initialize the base system. It could be
> the fact that I am using now ECU NT version which is different than ECU
> Linux version provided by AlphaLinux (as far as I know).

If you will have troubles with getting aboot to work with srm you may want
to load your ECU from OSF diskette

> I have also notice
> that Debian install uses fdisk in BSD mode to create its own partition
> scheme (option "f") skipping the first cylinder of first partition (2-515)
> which is quite different than the minlabel method.

Just skip every debian "suggestions" about partitionning scheme.
I used minlabel so that i have started partitions with 4096 offset. There
you should fit aboot and kernel (in that case only aboot is important). Then
create /boot partition about 14megs there you should copy vmlinux and
root.bin from installation diskette. Then create If you have another box
accesible jut compile it with bsd partitions support, gain access to your
disk after you've partitioned it with minlabel and copy to /boot partition
vmlinux and root.bin. Than you can start thinking of booting. I never
(really NEVER) succeded with copyboot. Better solution is to use swriteboot
from other box.
In interactive boot you say: 1/vmlinux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin. 1 is
your /boot partition

> I would like to have a copy of your linux kernel file for the Debian
> install. I will provide to you a ftp access since file is big as you
> mentioned.

After zipping it with root.bin and bootlx it has 2,8 mb

> I'd also like to learn how you recompiled the kernel, did you use
> another similar Alpha machine running Debian?

The true is i didn't. I got this kernel from other party with RedHat which
they have installed.
I have asked on few newsgroups how compile cross platform kernel, but there
was no even echo from there. Maybe someone here?

> Did you delete jensen17-kernel(2.2.17) and copy your new kernel IMAGE
> directly to aboot?

You can have both kernels, as long as you have aboot on the same partition
just choose interactive boot. As long as I remember kernel i sent to you is
2.14 and it worked perfectly for install purposes. Normally i use 2.2.18

> Would you please describe a little bit your install method ?
> I have tried so many things so far, as you can see.
> I really appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Luiz
> PS: I will send the ftp access to your e-mail. thanks again.

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