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Re: Installation of Debian after a RH6.0 install

On Wed, 24 January 2001, Ron Farrer wrote:
> Phil Carmody (fatphil@altavista.com) wrote:
> Could you set your mailer to wrap lines at 70 chars or so?

Firstly, I can't (don't know how to with this lousy web-mail interface) and secondly, I believe that adding line breaks at a particular pitch counts as claiming that I know the width of every reader's mail windows. Which I don't. Let the reader wrap lines wherever he/she/it desires.

> Ruffian's ONLY have ARCS BIOS (note the "S" on ARCS).
> > Milo resides on my FAT partition, doesn't it?
> MILO needs to be on a FAT partition, yes.
> > I simply need to point the Bios console to the new location?
> Yes.

OK, the install has "worked", but left me with some "issues".
Booting into linux is trivial from the Milo console, but my "go to Milo Console" option in ARCS no longer works. It's not a big problem presently but don't like things that used to work suddenly not working. My old "RedHat" option loads Milo correctly, but drops me to the console when it can't find the RedHat kernel. I'll tweak that to point to the new Debian kernel, but then I lose my route to the Milo console! The paths in the two ARCS options point to the same Milo, so why can one find it and one can't.

Oh, in the end I decided to install from the Network, as the onbaord network card was supported by the installation. The whole process took just 2 floppies, and 5 minutes on a 200KB/s connection to tampere.tut.fi - marvelous!

However, and I ranted a fair bit on the RedHat list about this in the past, the onboard network adapter (21143) still doesn't support 100Mb/s operation. I have a spare RTL8139 10/100 card. 
Which adapter am I more likely to be able top get to run at 100Mb/s? I didn't notice any RTL8139 module, but have heard rumours about there being one. 


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