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Re: Dekstation Raptor Reflex

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:

> > On Sep 13, Ron Farrer scratched in indelible ink :
> > Well API _was_ maintaining it for a while. I think they quit doing so
> > around the end of last year. Since Deskstation is dead, I would imagine
> > API is the only ones with rights/access to do anything with ARCS. 
> > 
> hmmm *nod*  I shall send them and email and see if there is anything we can do.

Ummm...let me save you an email. API has never had the source to ARCSBios,
so there's nothing we can do. I think at one point Samsung may have had
the sources for the UX as they released a few updates for Y2K. As for
ever getting these out I wouldn't hold your breath. If I remember
correctly even AlphaBIOS is highly constrained by copyrights
(Microsoft). I'm sure ARCSBios is just as bad....with the addition of
a DeskStation copyright.


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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