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Re: wonky time when upgrading to potato

> There's something "wonky" about the handling of the time value,
> although it's not been followed up on. Probably that the potato
> libc stuff expects a 64-bit value, and 2.0 kernels only return
> 32 bits. Or vice versa.

Much more probable is that one of kernels in question was compiled
with an RTC support and the other without and/or glibc used
does not recognize automatically a type of the board and needs
"alpha_systype" link in /etc.  As far as RTC goes there are boards
which can live with both configuration, there are some which will
give you a very unreliable readout in an RTC absence (for example
UP1000) and other where time will be screwed in an RTC _presence_
(for example UX).

Another possibility is that an old clock/hwclock utility is used
instead of some recent one which is much better is recognizing various
hardware clock types automatically.

In this particular case it is highly unlikely that you see a result
of 32-bit vs. 64-bit issues.


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