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dd bug or cdrom driver bug???


Could someone check this out.

I was reading the cdrom writing howto and the howto gave a demo on how
to copy a data cdrom directly to the harddisk. I tried this on an
alpha and got the following result with /dev/scd0, and I also tried
/dev/hda and got the same result. Both devices are cdroms and they
work fine. It appeared that the system was locked for a short time but
the system started responding after the command was complete.

dd if=/dev/scd0 of=cdrom.iso bs=8192
dd: /dev/scd0: Input/output error
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
dd: /dev/scd0: Bad file descriptor

Of course I tried the same thing on my aging pentium pro (32ia) and it
worked perfectly with all cdroms installed. 

Thanks for any input.


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