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AlphaServer 1000A 4/266 installation question

As the topic says I have an AlphaServer 1000A and am trying to install 
Debian on it. A few seconds and screen flickers after it starts booting
the kernel from the rescue image I get kicked back to SRM with the error:

halt code = 6
double error halt
PC = fffffc000031b24c

I've tried Debian 2.1 and 2.2 and a few other distributions just to be
thorough and they all do the same thing. I am new to the Alpha
architecture so this maybe not be a Linux specific issue but since the
box is currently running Tru64 and had NT on it at one point so I don't
think it's a hardware problem. I have updated the SRM firmware to 5.7 and
ARC is 4.59 which had no effect.

Basically the hardware in the box is a Mylex DAC960(all the drives on on
this RAID controller), QLogic ISP10x0(cdrom is on here), DE500-BA NIC, S3
Trio64/Trio32 PCI Video(on-board LISA video is disabled), 128M memory.

Any help you could give me would be great, if you need anymore
information let me know, just please specify where to find it =)

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Down the wire, NOTHING BUT NET

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