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Re: Is the WindowMaker package working ok on Alpha?


> Could you kindly tell me the location in /proc to change?

dexter:/home/aivanov# cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
dexter:/home/aivanov# uname -a
Linux dexter 2.2.7 #27 Fri Aug 6 14:53:18 BST 1999 alpha unknown            

> I did look in shmparam.h 
> i386 had this
> #define SHMMAX 0x2000000        /* max shared seg size (bytes) */
> /* Try not to change the default shipped SHMMAX - people rely on it */
> 33,554,432
> alhpa had this
> #define SHMMAX 0x3fa000         /* max shared seg size (bytes) */
> 4,169,728 bytes 
> That is a hugh difference.  
> However top shows 91072K shrd which is more than in the header file.
> So what is correct?

I think top shows total. 

While this is the max for a single segment. Some programs require single 
segments of considerable size.

At least with previous versions of mysql (earlier 3.22.x about a year ago) the 
only way to go through the "big tables" benchmarks was to bump this value. It 
barfed otherwise. To be honest have not tried it since. Same was valid for 


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