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rebuilding MILO images from source

 I've just reinstalled debian on my lx164, this time booting
from the srm console to milo. This appears to work, although
I had to create a tiny DOS partition for milo to read the kernel
from, as it claimed my ext2 partition didn't have any files in it.
( I'm pretty sure I asked the install process to create a file system
readable by older kernels)

Anyway, in the course of messing about with this, I thought I'd
take a look at the milo source. However, debian does not appear to
provide the source code! This is very bizarre considering that
we ship binaries as part of boot floppies...
(the boot floppies source just provides a pointer to genie.ucd.ie,
which does not appear to provide source code, although possibly
I just missed it...)

One of the things I really like about debian is that it is very easy 
to get the source code for any package, examine it and change it and 
then rebuild the package. It would be great if this was the case for 
milo as well.

Peter Maydell

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