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Re: rebuilding MILO images from source

pmaydell@chiark.greenend.org.uk writes:

> Anyway, in the course of messing about with this, I thought I'd
> take a look at the milo source. However, debian does not appear to
> provide the source code! This is very bizarre considering that

I wondered when someone was going to notice that.  The problem is, to
build the 2.0.35 MILO (which we use, because it actually works), you
have to build a 2.0.35 kernel for every single subarchitecture then
relink MILO with it.  So it's a rather involved process.

The 2.2 MILO is easier to build since it uses a generic kernel.
However all of the binaries I have tried have simply not worked on
Miata (probably because of the IDE code in the kernel, but I'm not
sure) and there have been problems with other models too I think.

There are some other problems with MILO.  In particular, the only VGA
console code that seems to work is based on a non-free 8086 emulator
from DEC.

So you see why Compaq is rather eager to deprecate MILO.

> to get the source code for any package, examine it and change it and 
> then rebuild the package. It would be great if this was the case for 
> milo as well.

It's certainly not impossible to make a source package for MILO.  It
should be possible to have one that works similarly to the
kernel-image-foo-alpha source package.  Quite simply, nobody has
gotten around to doing it.

I am basically providing MILO in the boot-floppies as a courtesy to
people who have existing MILO-based installations.  I do not use MILO
and don't have the time to invest in fixing either the
no-source-package problem or the bugs in its filesystem code that
cause problems for the installation process.

Other people are certainly welcome to contribute, though, and you have
the source: ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/milo/milo-2.0.35-c7b.tar.gz


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