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Compaq compiler


today I gave it a try and downloaded the Compaq c compiler and the
accompanying libs.

When debianising the *.rpms with alien the following error message
showed up:

dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable

Is this something problematic?

I tried a little compile with a molecular phylogeny program (fastDNAml),
but the compilation stopped. 

cc: Severe:
23: Cannot find file <stddef.h> specified in #include directive.
#include_next <stddef.h>

I had a look in the include directory and found stddef.h there. Am I
correct that this might be a typo problem in some config file? Shouldn't
the path name be without double slash?
The only config file mentioned is 
/usr/lib/compaq/ccc-, but there
it is not mentioned. Where to look to correct this?

Besides that, the comp.config file is full of path names referring to
alpha-redhat-linux. Is this something I have to change as well?

Thanks in advance,





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