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Re: UDB potato installation

> mke2fs -O none -b 1024
> The '-b 1024' is essential if you have a fairly large disk.

And I played with the -r option. Stupid me, I should have ftp´ed the
source of the ext2 package and looked at the manpage instead of
just looking at the usage-message from mke2fs (my other system is
just too old to have a matching manpage).

> Well, the intent was that dbootstrap would just not give you the
> option to make a non-compliant filesystem, and I kind of thought that
> I had tested this code and made sure it did that.  But the code that
> is supposed to do this looks fairly obviously wrong to me.

Perhaps it only fails when it already finds a 2.2 compilant fileystem?
As I had the old filesystem on it, I got a warning that a new fs would
be written, IMHO a warning text for MILO users would be enough here.

> I'll try to get around to fixing it this week and I will put up a test
> version for MILO users when I do so.

I´ll be happy to test it for you, if you like.


Ulrich Teichert
Stormweg 24
24539 Neumünster

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