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mount version older problem on 2.3.99-prex/2.4.0-test1

I want to use the development kernel on my Debian/potato machine.
I think the version of nfs related tools are newer than the required
those are shown in the Documentation/Changes.

But when I boot the machine it claims that the mount version is older
than the kernel. And it seems that the mounting is failed.
The machine I used is diskless, and only root fs can be mounted.

Any hints or suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

Naohiko Shimizu
Dept. Communication Engr./Univ. TOKAI
1117 Kitakaname Hiratsuka 259-12 Japan
TEL.+81-463-58-1211(ext. 4084) FAX.+81-463-58-8320

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