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Re: Bug#65491: lpd generates unaligned traps

Peter Samuelson <peter@cadcamlab.org> writes:

> If I'm not mistaken, "unaligned trap" means someone is doing something
> like:
>   void foo(char *x)
>   {
>     int *c = (int *)x;
>     ...
>   }
> and the char* passed in is not necessarily 32-bit-aligned.  Some CPUs
> (like the Alpha) care deeply about this sort of thing, others (like the 
> Intel) don't really, except for some loss of efficiency.
> Is that correct?  Can someone definitively support or refute my
> understanding here?

Well, sometimes it is more subtle than that (in particular see the bug
report I submitted against ghostcript), but essentially, yes.

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