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Re: Internal errors in g++

> On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Anton Ivanov wrote:
> > 	I went through some trouble with the egcc from frozen yesterday. With any 
> > optimization levels g++ blows up on one the files from the current stable 
> > mysql.
> It worked ok with -O0, if I remember correctly, but am not sure (it's been
> a very long time since I tried).

You are correct. It is only one file with lots of ugly nested ifs. With no 
optimization it worked for me as well.

> > 	I do not see any bugs filed versus it. File it?
> Hmmm...good question.  I would say yes if we weren't sure that potato's
> g++ package would solve this, but I do know it works fine on potato (I
> compiled the potato mysql debs just two days ago with it).  I would file

Alpha AXP533. Potato (2.2). Updated yesterday just before the compile. Latest 
stable mysql 3.22.32. Compiled outside of the package system. Just a configure 
with few args and make.

> one anyway (normal priority) specifically mentioning "slink version" as
> being the problem.  I'll follow it up and mention that potato's version

Nope. It is the potato one. Machine is current frozen. Compiler is:
Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-linux/2.95.2/specs
gcc version 2.95.2 20000313 (Debian GNU/Linux)

> fixes it, so we can close it once potato is out.

I am unsure what to do with this one. If there is a working well polished deb 
with an earlier mysql (but without the passwd bug) I will just file it 
upstream. So that there is working Mysql for the release.

This is all on alpha.


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