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Re: RTC: can't get a working kernel

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 01:00:49PM -0400, Dan Laffin wrote:
> Ok, thanks for the tip. Here is what I found.  When the machine starts to
> boot, it says:
>   Booting GENERIC on Tsunami variation Webbrick
>   using machine vector Webbrick from SRM
> Since i picked system-type "generic".  Where is identification information
> like this for the DS10 available?  Tsunami isn't a choice when configuring
> the kernel. Although, I do see it in a few of the alpha Makefiles.

I used DP264 for my DS10 after looking through the CONFIG_* options
it enables.  Works fine for me, but I totally agree with you that it
should be better documented.  Does anyone know the owner of the alpha
arch Makefiles?


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