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2.1r4 alpha on eb164 w/ adaptec 2940

Hello,  I'm having problems installing Debian 2.1r4 on an Alpha
EB164 MB.  If I do a
floppy based install i can get through it.  However, apparently on
large disk
writes or cdrom-reads, it crashes hard (doesn't respond to
keyboard/mouse, can't
telnet in, etc.)  I've managed to see a couple of error messages fly
by and it
says something about a medium sense error on the scsi bus, and it
beeps twice.
I have an Adaptec 2940 SCSI host adapter with a seagate 8.4GB HDD
and a
Toshiba 8X cdrom.   I would suspect bad hardware first, but this
machine originally
had NT4 Server on it and ran as well as can be expected on nt4. :) 
I've read in the
Alphalinux-howto that there are problems with auto-termination on
2940's and
alphalinux.  I've changed it  using the ACU utility from adaptec and
the problem doesn't
go away.




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