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Re: Problems with interface enumeration

Mark Brown <broonie@tardis.ed.ac.uk> writes:

> I've noticed that quite a few of the tools that try to enumerate network
> interfaces are broken on the Alpha.  It appears that this is some kernel
> bug - routed used to exhibit it until I reported a bug with the patch
> below, and I've just come across it in nmap (which is rendered useless
> as a result) and I think it may exist in Zebra too.

> -               if (ibits.fds_bits[s/32] & (1 << s))

Looks like standard bad old coding practice.  Various people have done
a pretty thorough 64-bit-cleanliness audit on NetKit, so that stuff
should all be gone, we hope.

But I don't see the connection to enumerating network interfaces -
correct me if I'm wrong but this just looks like it will result in a
broken select(2) call in some cases...

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