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Re: trying to install slink from cdrom on ds10...

On Tuesday, 21 Mar, Matthew Whitworth wrote:
> Thanks, Nikita.  I'm relatively sure I can see a kernel message that says
> "hda: COMPAQ ATAPI CDROM DRIVE", which makes this all the more
> annoying.  In the meantime I'm trying every device name I can think of.

Oh!  I just realised - you said you set boot_flags, right?  It should be

Just in case, I also found two useful kernel parameters: "panic=n", where
n is the number of seconds to wait after displaying the panic message, and
"no-scroll", which disables VGA console scrolling.  Theoretically, either
one of them should be sufficient for you to see the actual panic message.
And you can pass the parameters on the boot command line like this:
	>>> boot dqa0 -flags "root=/dev/hda panic=10"


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