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Re: trying to install slink from cdrom on ds10...

On Monday, 20 Mar, Matthew Whitworth wrote:
> After typing "boot" at the prompt SRM does a few things and then a linux
> kernel starts booting.  It's hard to see what all is happening because it
> scrolls so fast, but it seems to be detecting the hardware and doing normal
> things I would expect to see a kernel doing during boot.  Then, WHAMMO!  I'm
> back at the SRM prompt and I have a message that the kernel has halted.  I
> think it says the halt code is 5.

The most frequent cause for halt at this stage is "kernel panic: unable to
mount root partition," which is quite strange given the "root=/dev/hda"
parameter in boot_flags.  It might (unlikely, though) be that the CD-ROM
is detected as a different IDE device - hdc, hdb or hdd, but other than
that, I can't think of any reason why it won't boot.  Maybe somebody who
remembers slink kernel and CD layout could help?


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