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Re: configure the base-system

On Saturday, 19 Feb, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> It tells me to perform the step 'configure the base system'.
> But this was the point where busybox's sed had crashed and made further
> configuration impossible.
> I think I need to configure the base system either by hand (what needs to be
> done?) or manage to the configuration skrips from the root disk. What is this
> skript called? What should I watch out for?

What I did a few days ago was disabling sed (by replacing it with a shell
script returning 0) from the second console just before selecting
"Configure the Base System," and then enabling it back by linking to

I believe this sed script bug is not Alpha-specific and will be hopefully
dealt with soon.

(Back to the problem with rotten binaries, I certainly did not have it.
It may be related to the base system installation method - I installed
mine over NFS.)


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